This is great news for those of us who have loved ones which have the good fortune to be able to live independently but would benefit in having the ability to summon help by the press of a button.  

Senior Life Alert features a two-way communication device which may be worn as a pendant or on a belt. While in the home, if ever the wearer finds it necessary to summon help, all that person has to do is press the button. They will soon hear a friendly voice over the pendant offering help. The wearer can ask for a family member or neighbor to be alerted or ask for Paramedics or Police to be dispatched. 

Of course as with any product or service we offer it is a great value. The cost consists of a one-time $50 programming, delivery and set up fee, after which a monitoring fee of $25/month (charged in advanced for 3 months) will be charged. That's it! No contracts no problems. 

If supporting the U.S. economy is important to you, I know it is for me, you will be happy to know that the call center is located in the beautiful State of Utah. I really can't overstate how well trained the answering service staff is. It's easy to communicate with them and they offer a very calming demeanor. 

October is Officially the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Month


Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), can occur to anyone, at any time and worst of all, without warning.

Sometimes normal electrical impulses in the heart unexpectedly becomes disorganized. The normally coordinated mechanical contraction of the heart muscle is lost, and ventricular fibrillation sets in  (a chaotic, quivering of the heart)

Circulation stops, unconsciousness follows then the victim will collapse and stop breathing. Without early recognition and care from a bystander, the person will die.

CPR allows a bystander to restore circulation and provide some oxygenation.

Be prepared, learn CPR today.